On Deck: Day #20

20 Sep

After a brief hiatus, and a little learning experience (the world goes back to work as of September 01, so don’t get behind), I am back to Drawgust! Here’s what’s on deck for tomorrow:

It arrived looking like this:

What’s in there?

And it’s back from the photo lab…


And it’s ready to go… stay tuned!


Where did I go?

15 Sep

Alright… sorry about that. Among the lessons learned during this project is that once September rolls around, the work phone starts ringing. Sigh.

I’m still here, back at it, but it might be more like a once per week time for the remaining projects.
Stay tuned!

On Deck— I Don’t Really Know, But It Looks Like Math

30 Aug

OK, I’m totally playing hooky today, but here’s a couple of updates:

1) Gabe’s submission finally arrived… but I have to develop it. Gimme a day or two


2) This is what Carson sent over. I think it’s math. At least I can read it:

Math, dear god it really is math.

Day #22— The Door

29 Aug

DRAWGUST Day #22—> The Door

L.A. theme weeks rolls on! Today’s submission comes direct to us from Santa Monica, California. Sara Krish, an old friend from Chicago, sent me this image:

Knock, knock!

Fun! It’s a colorful, happy photo of a door. She also sent me absolutely no background information to go along with the image. A little mystery to add to the project. Research time!

But Before We Research…
I have to add a little side note here. I’m in the home stretch and down to the final ten projects, so I’ve had a chance to reflect on some of the unseen challenges that DRAWGUST has presented. Although I expected it to be difficult in many ways, I saw it as a curious chronicle of an art-making practice—something for me to return to when I was struggling through future work to remind myself of what I was doing that was successful and things that were not so. It has served this purpose, but I hadn’t anticipated that it would also become an outlet for personal stories from all over, and also a peek into my daily life and habits. For instance, a bout of food poisoning early on, my dependence on the postal service, or a full meltdown of all of my electrical appliances. Everything that’s going on in my personal life reflects in this project, so, for example, if I head out for a night on the town, the next day’s work will suffer. If my regular job is particularly demanding, it will curtail my project for that day. It seems relatively obvious now, but at the outset, it was something I had not considered.

Anway, On To Research!
I suppose it would have been easiest to just ask Sara about this photo, but I, of course, did not do this. Sara is thoughtful and considerate. She sees meaning and purpose in the smallest things, and I am certain that this image is just that—a symbol with meaning and purpose. But WHAT? What does it mean?

It means I get to do some mental calisthenics. Ironically, Sara and I met working for an athletic apparel company in Chicago, so this seems to fit perfectly. I took a fun route with this and chased down a rabbit trail… mental wandering all the way.

I started with the guess that this is Sara’s door to her home in Santa Monica. Since there’s ‘no place like it,’ I thought this might be Sara’s rumination about home, or a symbol thereof.

There’s no place like home.

Not a bad place to start, but then, instead of the lovely homecoming story (Hollywood-style… *ahem* that’s a place in L.A), all I could think about is a house falling on a witch and that maybe I should try a different approach. What if I started in slightly more obvious territory and moved on from there? Sara sent me a photo of a door. A door… door… … … wow, Jim Morrison was really hot, wasn’t he?

Oh yeah.

No, he really was. I searched all over the interwebs. Here’s more proof:


Yeah. Well, now that I am working with the mental soundtrack of ‘L.A. Woman,’ I think it is time for a different approach.

What IS it?
Now, I wouldn’t say research failed me, because I did get to scour the internet looking at photos of Jim Morrison, but I will say that I was going in the wrong direction. The key to making this project, like the last, lies more in what I know about Sara, and less in what she sent to me. Sara is now living in California, a life-long dream of hers. Sara is a person who follows her dreams and makes them realities. She indulges her imagination and curiosity and she makes those dreams into realities. Sara gets things done. The door to her house is a reminder; everyday that she comes home, she can look at her own door and remind herself that she can realize her own dreams. That is pretty cool. How does she do that, I wonder?

The Work
Now, taking this full circle. I know what I want to do. It really was very simple. It was also very precise work. Too much precision work for someone who went out drinking on a Monday and spent most of Tuesday looking at photos of Jim Morrison with a mild hangover. (Moira, it took 22 posts. That’s longer than we calculated. Much longer. Yeah, self control.) I wanted to make a piece about Sara’s positive spirit. I wanted to drill it down to something as simple as her colorful, happy door. So I grabbed something dear to me (my handmade paper) and this is what I did:

I wonder.

Positivity for an amazing lady. Thanks, Sara! I’ll leave you with this: watch me!

22 down. 9 to go.


Favorite part… so, if you have not gathered from the above post, I have oodles of respect and admiration for Sara. I cannot say anything better about her than what her website can, so I will leave you with that:


Up Next—The Door

28 Aug

Take a look at today’s inspiration from Sara in Santa Monica… LA theme week continues!

Knock, knock!

Day #21— My Old Skateboard

27 Aug

DRAWGUST Day #21—> My Old Skateboard

Aw, yeah! Today’s post comes direct from one of my oldest and dearest friends, and the only person in the world who is allowed to get away with calling me, ‘kimmy c.’ Please keep in mind that this little moniker is rarely heard without including, ‘in the place to be.’ The culprit, Jen Ruh, my own ghetto superstar, sent me this little gem in the mail:

…and my old skateboard!

Oh, did I love this! And it’s probably a good thing that I called Jen right after the package arrived. Because it’s not just a mini skateboard. It’s a jumpdrive. And she made a video for me.

What, what?!
Oh yes! I watched the video this morning, but was unable to put it up on vimeo without shrinking it down, so I will add that later, but suffice it to say that this was a montage video of images driving through New York City and then images from a road trip Jen and I took through L.A. (wtf… another theme?) The best part of this video is that the soundtrack is an east coast vs. west coast rap battle as we move from Notorious B.I.G. to Dr. Dre. I love ya, Jen. You are always true to your roots.

Work It!
This was a fun little trip down memory lane and before I let my mind wander too far into epic rap battles and east v. west feud, I had to take a good look at that video. Instead of a tongue and cheek version of her favorite music, this was a little trail of our friendship and a reminder of one amazing and rather spontaneous roadtrip we had one May. I thought I’d take it down that route and give me a chance to FINALLY make a supergraphic. Not sure how I lasted this long…

Not only was this a nod to Jen, her music love and our roadtrip, I thought I’d add back in a bit of old skool:

Not. Illegal. At. All.

And a few minutes later:


And we pull back the paper:


There ya go, dawg, yer very own spray painting. We be sippin’ on some once you get back to Oaktown.

21 down. 10 to go.


Not only has she been my friend since the 5th grade, but Jen Ruh has the greatest job in the world. Check this out: She is the sales manager of a toy company that manufactures and distributes wildlife themed plush to zoos, aquariums, resorts, museums, wildlife organizations and major specialty retailers. In a nutshell, she sells stuffed animals for a living. When she’s not pimpin’ her plush, she can often be found cruising about town on her motorcycle or strutting around with her Boxer Chloe.

Jen has taken her job to heart and has often partnered up with Defenders of Wildlife. Defenders of Wildlife’s main mission is to protect imperiled wildlife and natural lands.

In addition to her passion for wildlife, Jen is also a supporter of Little People of America. Having watched her cousin grow up as a LP and in an effort to educate people about dwarfism and skeletal dysplasia, Jen would also like to spread the word about the organization’s work. There are an estimated 30,000 people in the United States and 651,000 people internationally living with a type of dwarfism. LPA is a nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families. To learn more, please visit: www.lpaonline.org

On Deck— #21 My Old Skateboard

27 Aug

Here’s what’s on deck for today:

Jen’s crafty!